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Orginality means a lot to me. If either you're design or program is not original, there is an 90% chance the finial product will fail. Therefore you need to think about the actual product before programming/designing it!

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All the projects I design or program for my education are open source, This means that you can use them freely with an redirect to my site. I also include all the source files of the program so you can improve it if needed!

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Ease of usage

Programs and designs that i build are always easy to use, this is due to the clear structure i work in. This makes everything easy to follow. Even if you see it for the first time!

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Project title

Programma's en ontwerpen die ik maak zijn altijd makkelijk in gebruik, dit komt mede door de duidelijke structuur waarin ik werk. Hierdoor is alles makkelijk te volgen

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